Kerala PSC – Recruitment 2017 & Notifications

Kerala psc – kerala public service commission in India. At kerala psc, on our website we would like to share the complete information related to kerala public service commission kpsc, regarding the latest notifications, recruitment details, and list of complete jobs that you were looking out for.

Kerala psc has been recently launched a list of jobs and application. It has been confirmed there are more than 117+ jobs notifications has been listed so far in the official website.t

We are gonna share list of complete notifications here at the middle of the article. Just before that you need to register your account at psc thulasi online in order to apply for any job online.

Kerala psc back in 2010, launched a new portal where each and every users should need to create an account in order to apply for the job. And, it named as Kerala psc thulasi.

Register Your Account On Kerala PSC

First before, that you need to check the official link on kerala psc thulasi one time registration process here. We would also cover the list in brief so that you would get an idea about the process of registration.

  • Register at kerala psc thulasi website:

Note – The registration process is only one time and you need to note down your login credentials at some where in order to access the profile and job details. And, this is only one time registration process through kerala psc.

Upload The Photo:

At first you need to visit the official website link in order to register your account online – Official link here

Once, you visited the link, at top left corner you will access ” New Registration ” page. Just check out the new registration page.

You will need to upload the photo first before proceeding to fill the online application form.  But, you have to follow certain rules and regulations before uploading the photo which we have been described below.


  • Your photography must be less than a year.
  • Photography must be less than 30Kb.
  • On top of the photo, your name and date of photo taken must be it.

If you haven’t followed any of the rules which were described above. You can’t upload the photo, there by you can’t check into the application form to proceed further.

How To Resize The Photo:

How to resize the photo to less than 30kb and also digital signature. Well the process is quite simple. The kerala psc has been officially launched a new web application where users can a now able to reduce the photo and signature to less than 30Kb.

Here is the official link – Just visit the link and at left corner you will access the “resize photography/signature” just check into that website and all good to go.

  • Fill The Application Form Details
  • Once, the photo and signature has been uploaded successfully, all you need to fill the following information.
  • Enter your education details.
  • Enter your address
  • Enter your Id information.
  • Other details.

Once the details that you have been entered, just click on submit. Your application will be now subjected to verification. After all that you can apply for any job which has been listed on your profile.

No need to fill out the application form for each and every job that has been listed on kerala psc. With just psc thulasi you can apply for whatever job that you have been looking out for in single click. 

If you were form department, you need to register another account here – Which we have been shared right over here do check it out.

Kerala PSC Notification For The Upcoming Jobs

Kerala psc has just released new notification for the upcoming jobs in 2017. Here we cover the list of notifications so that you can apply for this jobs as per your educational qualification.

Make sure that you need to check the final date to apply. Just logged into your psc thulasi website and apply for the job. No need to fill out the new application at each and every time.

Sr.NoGazetteLast DateCategory NosMore Information
1Gazette17.05.201734/2017 to 62/2017Read More
2Gazette10.05.201763/2017 ELIGIBILITY TEST -KSEBRead More
3Extraordinary Gazette31.05.201764/2017 TO 67/2017Read More
4Extraordinary Gazette14.06.201768/2017 TO 71/2017Read More
5Extraordinary Gazette05.07.2017072/2017 TO 188/2017Read More
6Extraordinary Gazette19.07.2017189/2017 TO 216 /2017Read More
7Extraordinary Gazette02.08.2017217/2017 TO 244/2017Read More
8Extraordinary Gazette20.09.2017245/2017 TO 323/2017Read More
9Extraordinary Gazette04.10.2017324/2017 TO 358/2017Read More

To know more information about the job which have been posted above just check into the “Read More” section. You will get to know the list of complete jobs under that section. For more information related to latest kerala psc jobs and notification check out here.

Latest Notifications From Kerala PSC online

  • Civil Police officer, women civil police officer,  ( SR FOR ST ) date has been extended, under category number – 64,2017 / 66/2017 – Know more information from here.
  • Kerala PSC criminal Judicial test result has been announced, for the exam which had conducted in Nov 15 – Know More Information here.
  • Time Table for the departmental test for legal assistant has been released – Know time table and syllabus.

Latest Updates:

Kerala PSC has been released a list of selected candidates under the different categories which has been mentioned here. Do Check it out.

  • List of ranked students ( selected ) for the post “Environmental Assistant Officer” in Environment and climate change department” – Download the list of selected students here.
  • Probability List selected candidates are subjected to verification for the post “Tradesman Welding” in “Technical Education palakad”.

Know More information Latest Updates here – Kerala psc latest notification