Kerala PSC Login Problem – [Solved]

Kerala psc login problem solved, here we share the guide on how to retrieve your username and password of your psc thulasi account online. PSC thulasi website has been already stated that, you have to register your account only at once.

Registering twice with same details are not valid and you were ended up your account will be banned – Know more kerala psc one time registration

Here we share some of the ways on how to recover your account online. We are pretty sure that all the information that we are shared over here are tested by our editorial team.

Note: This procedure for retrieving your username & password for those only who are not belong to any of the government departments.

PSC Thulasi – Retrieve password & User Id

Basically, there are two methods for this, through SMS option and another one is through official kerala psc thulasi website. At first, we would like to share the SMS option followed by psc thulasi website (online) – kerala psc login problem solved.

kerala psc login problem

Through SMS:

Here is how you can get your password and user Id through SMS by kpsc thulasi website, hope this will  solve your kerala psc login problem.

Send SMS to any one of the following number:

  • 166 or 51969 or 922316616

For User Id Send SMS as:

  • KL USR – to any one of the above phone numbers.

For password:

Note: Your SMS must be sent from your registered mobile number only. The phone number that you have been submitted while filling out the application form.


Here is the example for you, if you would like to reset your password. Then here is the process.

  • For Example if your user Id is : rahulnyk, and your DOB is 20/03/1994.

Then this is how you suppose to sent the message to any one of the above numbers.

  • KL USR RST rahulnyk 20031994.

What is New Password Now

Once, you sent the message, you will get a reply as ” your password has been successfully rested “. You know what is your password now? Your new password is:


How To Login Now?

Now, all you supposed to do is visit the psc thulasi website here, and enter your username and password. Once, the details were entered and logged in, you need to choose your new password ( This step is mandatory ).

That’s how you supposed to retrieve your user Id and password through SMS. If the SMS option won’t workout for, then here is the another proven method to unlock your account.

Retrieve your password through Kerala PSC Thulasi Official Website

Here we go another method an alternative method, hope this will solve your kerala psc login problem. This is quite simple, but you must knew your user Id as well as the Identity document that you have been submitted while filling out the application form on official website.

At, first you need to visit the official website link here –

Then after, at left corner check out the ” Forgot Password ” Option. Once you click on forgot password, a popup will open asking you to enter the following information:

  • User Id
  • Date of Birth
  • Id Proof
  • Id Proof Number
  • Captcha
  • Click on Reset.

Once, all the details that you were entered were right, it will display as ” password successfully rested “. That’s it. You were done. And, your new password is


Hope your kerala psc login problem is solved.

Still you can’t able to retrieve your password?

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