Kerala PSC (KPSC) Thulasi – One Time Registration Online

psc thulasi – With the help of the kpsc thulasi all students are here requested to create their account online before planning to apply for any job through kerala psc thulais. As that was the only option to apply for any job.

So, how to create an account on psc thulasi website? what are the steps that you have to follow before creating the account. We do cover the step by step guide here so that you will get an idea. If you do have any doubts related to the information that we shared here just do leave a comment here at the end of the post.

Kerala PSC One Time registration Process


Kerala psc one time registration process must be done by through the official website, however you to follow certain rules and regulations to create the account as like the photography must be less than 30kb, and signature too.

Here we cover step by step process on how to proceed through online one time registration via psc thulasi.

If you do have any doubts related to the information that we shared right over about kerala psc one time registration, please do comment here at the end of the post. We do help you out related to any query asap.


At first step , you need to visit the official website link –

Once you have been visited the official link – At side of the website column you access the ” New Registration “.

kerala psc one time registration

  • Just check out through the New Registration Page.
  • Upload the photo. Make sure you need to follow the below guidelines before uploading the photo.

Guidelines to upload the photography:

Uploading your photography on psc thulasi website before filling out the education, and personal details is kinda trouble some process. PSC thulasi is made very strict rules as like, your photography must be less than a year, etc.

      • Your Name and Date Of Photo Taken: On below of your photography, your name and date of photo taken must be bear on it to proceed kerala psc one time registration.
      • Your name and date of photo taken must be in black color, and background in white color.
      • Your photography must be less than a year.
      • If any of the details were not matched, the psc thulasi will automatically reject your application or you may can’t proceed to next step.

Face Deformity:

Physically handicapped candidates or face deformation candidates may not upload the exact photography. For this reason the kpsc thulasi launched a official approval for face deformation, If you belong to this category, all you just need to click the tick mark which will show you below the page.

Reduce The Image Size To 30KB:

Reducing image size is quite easy. As, so many users have no idea that kerala psc thulasi has officially launched a portal for this to reduce the image size. You can check out the steps here so that you will get an idea.

      • Please do visit the official website here to reduce the image size: Link here
      • Once you visited the website, at left corner you will access a link as “Reduce Photography/Signature”.
      • Just check out to that website.
      • Now, upload your photography to make it reduce to less than 30Kb.
      • And, also upload your signature too.
      • That’s it.

Personal Details/Education Details:

      • Once, your photography and signature has been approved by the kerala psc thulasi website. The page will automatically redirect to profile page. On profile page:
      • Fill out the education details.
      • If you were graduated from outside of kerala like, studied at IIT or NIT. Then you have to choose other and enter the college name.
      • Fill out your personal details like full name, address, other information which has been displayed on the screen.
      • Submit the details.

Once you were entered your education details, just submit your application. Your application may be subjected to verification by the officials who are work at kerala psc thulasi.

If kerala psc has been released any new jobs under the respective category of it. You will be automatically notified, to apply for the job in a single click without filling out the application form.

PSC Departmental One Time Registration Online

Departmental one time registration. The above one time registration is for the students/graduates who are not belong to any of the government bodies which we shared below.

Departmental one time registration is for those who are belong to the following departments:

psc thulasi

  • Government Departments.
  • Boards Corporations.
  • Autonomous Bodies etc.

Those who are not employed in any of the above departments are not eligible to register the departmental one time registration.

If you haven’t registered for the departmental examinations – Here is the step by step process

Step By Step Process For Departmental One Time Registration

Here is the process to register your account through kpsc thulasi website. Do follow the guide if you do have any doubts just let us know by commenting here at the end of the post.

Step – 1

Here is the official link for one time registration on departmental portal – Link here

Once, you visited the link, you need to fill out the following details as follows:

      • Upload the photo
      • Enter Your personal Details
      • Enter your communication Details
      • Enter your employment details – Mandatory.
      • Identification Details

Upload The Photo:

Same as like above you need to upload the photo, but it must meet the requirements as follows:

  • Must be 150Px to 200Px W to H respectively.
  • Photography Less than 30KB.
  • Must bear your name and date of photo taken.
  • Name and date of photo taken in black color, background color must be white.

So, please make sure that you need to follow the above guidelines before uploading the image on kerala kpsc thulasi website.

Personal Details:

The following are the personal details that you have to enter while filling out the application form online:

Your full name as per service records.

  • Date of birth.
  • Gender
  • Relationship with guardian.
  • Please tick mark the physical ability if you do have any.

Communication Details:

Enter your communication details followed by personal details:

      • Permanent Address
      • Communication Address
      • If both permanent & Communication are same, just tick mark right over there.

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